Michael Peterson is the reason surfing now has style, the reason why moustaches are cool, the reason why surfing has progressed to the level of what you see today & the main reason why i started surfing. Without MP I'd be working at Chickadee Chicken ( no offence to anyone who works there) and getting my stoke on by going ten pin bowling once a month. so thank you MP & R.I.P you legend! 

Pillage & Plunder

A collaboration brought to you by The Critical Slide Society and the master foam mowers at Thomas Surfboards. Featuring the slidal tendencies of Jake Bowrey, Jacob Stuth, Little Man & Thomas Bexon. Documenting the making and sliding of the TCSS x Thomas Surfboards Pillage Model. Keep an eye out and save your pocket money, Pillage Model available via The Critical Slide Society and Thomas Surfboards shortly!
By Nathan Oldfield