Our Little Sonny

No words, photos or pictures can describe the love i have for my little newborn Sonny. The birth of one of your own is a very special and surreal moments in life that always makes you smile and by the way he's been melting our hearts for the last 5 days... doesn't look like it's going to stop.

The View

The view every surfer wants to see.

Wet Floor Rowdyness

The boys getting amongst it!

Tom Tom

Mr Thomas Stockwell


Bondi Beach 1880 

The Boys

The Boys getting into a few central coast slabs as the swell starts to rise.

Shorey Flare

A mate of mine just let me borrow his fish eye the other day... I decided to make the most of it and stuck my head into as many sand blasting shoreys that came my way.... This is one of the results

Vintage Life

Quad Squad

Aaron Frost from Sea Legged surfboards adds another glossy member to his family

The Dark Side of the Lens

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

Its been posted by many a blogger but it's just so filled with epicness that one more cant hurt!


Acts of Simmagery

A Little stonework Art done by Simmage from http://simmage.blogspot.com/
Done on a random rock in a national park somewhere....


Livin the Wooden Life

Chad Waldron from Waldron Bros Production showing that the simplest of things in life are the most fun.