Man I miss winter !!!! One of the most perfect surfs I've ever witnessed.


Light & Bright


Jack Tar otherwise known as Benny Conquest showcasing his logular repertoire. 

El Matty

Make sure you check out the last wave... macking!

Sonny's 1st backside tube... Yeeew!
That's a boy!

Take 3

Follow more on what Tim is doing to help clean up our beaches and how you can help at



Shaun Freeman carving it up on one of the many epic little banks
we have around at the moment. He also runs the leftinvacancy blog 
which is packed with all sorts of awesome art and photography. check it out.

Sea Legged

Sea Legged master shaper Aaron Frost riding one of his Single fin beauties.


Surf City

Luke Taaffe and Ryan Heywood – Surf City
‘Surf City’ opens on Friday the 14th of October and is up until the 2nd of November 2011
be sure to check out their awesomeness!